About me


I’m Liv, and I am an obsessed seamstress and very happy pet owner. When I’m not working as an Electrical Power Engineer, I am probably at the sewing machine or cuddling the doggoes. Or spending way too much time planning and googling my next creative project. I live in a small town in Denmark with my lovely husband and son, and are fortunate enough to have two grown-up boys in my life too.

I started my blog (on blogger back then) in 2007, and have used it ever since as a sewing diary, a place to keep all my thoughts on patterns, the changes I made to patterns etc. I love that you guys can actually use this, and I love reading other sewing blogs as well! Feel free to comment on my posts, and please include a link if you have a blog yourself 🙂

Lately I have found myself thinking about my spending – both money and consumer goods. There will probably be a few posts about this as well.

Feel free to have a look around 🙂

BR Liv