My clothes

I have decided to add a list of all my clothes here. The list includes everything I own of clothing; shoes, scarves, clothing, swimwear. Everything! I am trying to maintain a rather small wardrobe, which is obviously a challenge when I love to sew hahaa!

I am reasonably pleased with my wardrobe as it is. I need to add a few items; a few black tops, navy jeans. I will update this list with items I add. I own a total of 74 items, 48% are homemade (I am planning to up this number by making even more of my clothing, starting with outer wear). If I subtract the number of shoes and accessories I get a total of 57 items, that I can divide in two seasonal capsules. The winter capsule containing 34 items, and the summer capsule containing 33 items.

I don’t think that I can get a much lower number than this. We have several seasons where I live, so I do need a snowsuit as well as a sundress 🙂

Tops Description
Long sleeve Red/ white stripe, dolman
Long sleeve Red/ white stripe, V-neck
Long sleeve Red/ white stripe, V-neck
Long sleeve Yellow white stripe, dolman
Long sleeve Blue/ white stripe, V-neck
Short sleeve Yellow leo
Short sleeve Green w birds
Short sleeve Blue shirt with palms
Chamisole Pink
Chamisole Black
Chamisole Black
Chamisole Grey
Sweatshirt Navy sloane
Sweatshirt Leo
Hoodie Yellow/ pink/ turquoise
Hoodie Soft, warm
Blouse Shirt, thin white
Jeans Black
Jeans Light blue
Jeans Navy
Leggins Black
Joggers Leo
Joggers Grey w white dots
Shorts Leo viscose
Shorts Army
Thin pants Viscose navy/ white
Summer Denim
Party Navy with ancers
Summer Red viscose
Party Black w dots and flowers
Party Denim Esprit
Job/ neat Light blue HM
Casual Yellow/ white checked
Wool Turquise/ red/ with cardigan
Wool Bordeaux HM
Wool Grey white striped
Cotton Yellow
Cardigan Julia black w dots
Cardigan Leo Driftless
sandals Red saltwater
Sneakers Bordeaux new balance
Sneakers Multicolor
Outdoor Brown hiking boots
Home shoes Orange Glerups
“Nice” Black Vagabond
Party Sandals w heel
Garden Grey boots
Outdoor wear
Summer coat Only short jacket
Winter coat Funf army
Spring/ fall coat HM cottoncoat
Rain coat Orange Rains
Rain pants Black
Work (dirty) ELTAS jackets
Snowsuit Purple
Blazer Blue
Thermo coat Leo
Belt 2, yellow and brown
Bags 3, large blue, fannypack and for painting gear
Scarves 4, 3 wool Emdal and 1 yellow cotton
Legwarmers 2, grey and black
Swimwear 2, Swimsuit and bikini
Running clothes
Pants long HM
Pants short HM
T shirt Dong
Jacket Red
Shoes 2, barefoot and gym shoes
Bra Sports bra