For my fellow seamstresses: My measurements

So, I am going to post my stats here, as that is the one thing I always miss when I visit other seamstresses (Sewists? Sewingers? What is the right word here?) – I see all the beautiful things they make, but I want to know how it correspond to ME. Maybe, if I am lucky, they mention the size(s) they made, but without their measurements it doesn’t really help me.

So, here we go:

I am 178 cm/ 5 feet, 10.08 inches. My measurements are:

  • Bust 86 cm/ 33.8″
  • Waist 71 cm/ 28″
  • High hip 100 cm/ 39.4″
  • Widest hip 105 cm/ 41.3″.
  • My bra size is 25″ DD (this means that I often get fooled by the bust measurements on garments I am making, as even if it is large enough, my volume is not evenly distributed in the back and front).

My common adjustments are:

  • Square shoulder
  • Swayback
  • Full bust
  • Low butt
  • Flatt butt
  • Flat pubis
  • Tall/ lengthen
  • Long arms/ lengthen arms