The animals of the household

I absolutely love animals and dream of one day living on a farm, so there will be no limit on number of animals! But until that I have to make do with what we can have in the city:

We have two dogs in our household; a Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Tesla, he goes by the name the Corgidille, and his “little brother”, Gauss, a Poodle/ Swedish Valhund/ West highland white terrier mix, who goes by the name the Piranha.  I think that pretty much sums everything up – they are both still pups and chews on just about everything! They are absolutely adorable though, and I’m sure I will post lots of pics of them in here!

Besides the dogs we have pet rats; rats are basically very small dogs, they act so much alike 🙂 Unfortunately, rats only live to around 2 years of age, so the 4 we started out with are now reduced to two. Meet Mio and Rotto – Mio is the brown one, Rotto the bald one: