Granville shirt from sewaholic

I looked a bit around before I found the perfect shirt pattern for my shape (pear), but finally I found this one from sewaholic. It is nicely fitted, with room around the hips.

This is the first item I made that require a lot of attention to detail – the cuffs, the collar end the general finish just have to look good on a shirt, for the shirt to look good. In a jersey dress it is definitely easier to jump a few steps.

I do love the Granville pattern, and have work the shirts a lot. I don’t think I will be making any more, but thats just because after making 5 I would like to find a different pattern.

Well, my Granvilles so far:

Granville 1, blue:

I struggled a bit with understanding the cuffs, and finally just DID something. It came out OK, buuuuut the finish could be nicer. I made the usual adjustments; FBA and sway back adjustment. The pattern has a very large curve around the hips, I will trim this down in the next versions. The fabrik is soft cotton, a bit heavy.


Granville 2, red:

FBA, sway back and trimmed the curve a bit in the sides.


Granville 3, yellow:

This one came out really nice. I added 2 cm in the sleeves, besides that it’s like number 2.


Granville 4, dotted:

Just like number 3, however this fabric is a bit crisper that the checked I have used for the others. It adds a nice shaping to the shirt, but is not as soft to wear. Well, you win some you loose some.


Granville 5: Short sleeves.

The last version I made is in soft, lightweight cotton with short sleeves.

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