Hacking and new address for blog

I have moved my blog to: http://livvinter.blogspot.com

I have been blogging, about sewing mostly, for the past decade. A year ago I moved from Blogger to WordPress to try this supposedly more fancy platform. However, for some reason I have been plagued by hacking. At least once a month my blog has been redirecting to gambling or porn, and I have been unable to log on. I have spent so much time and money getting back in and deleting the malicious code.

I have no idea why I have been the target – I have Wordfence, change my log on code regularly to prevent these sorts of things. My blog is primarily a sewing diary for my own benefit, a place to keep all my alterations to patterns etc. I think it is fun that you all follow my sewing projects as well 🙂  But, seriously, why would anyone hack such a small blog? I suspect it is just malicious “robots” that try to hack all kinds of blogs, and not me being singled out at all.

As I don’t want to waste my time on hackers anymore, I have moved back to Blogger, feel free to check in here.

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