Portrait of Peter

This RTW fast of 2018 have had a snowball effect on my (well, our) life.

First it turned into a buy-nothing-year for us, and so far we have re-paid our car loan and another very large loan we had. We live on 50% of our income, using the rest to re-pay dept. Also, it has caused us to have a lot of talks about how we live our lifes and what makes us happy (hint: it is not buying stuff). So, this fall I have taken a leave to paint! I have never painted a portrait before, and haven’t painted for the last 20 years. When I was a child and a teen I painted all the time, but I stopped in my early twenties. I never did portraits, I mostly painted imaginary creatures (some pretty scary actually). But now I want to make portraits, and I absolutely love it!

And you know what? It makes me so happy! Time flies by, I just really enjoy painting. This act of not being useful at all just gives me a deep sense of fulfilment. I had forgotten how that feels. Yesterday I finished my first portrait (in oil), I painted my husband, Peter.

I have spent around 18 hours on this, but after 3 hours of painting I am absolutely exhausted – I think it is due to painting using a different part of the brain than engineering. I am working on a self portrait as well, and have another painting planned. I feel like I have come home 🙂

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