Finance September 2018

Another month, and every month of this year of buying nothing takes me to new reflections.

We have truly downsized our belongings this month. I think we just both had enough of the clutter, og the stuff we don’t use, even though we didn’t have that much to begin with. But this month we have reduced the duvets, the blankets, the knick-knacks, the books (we only had few left from our last downsizing) and furniture. It is such a relief to have fewer things, and we want to downsize even further. I love that it is easy to find the things I need. Right now our home looks a little empty, and I am loving it! We even took down the pictures and posters on the walls, and will have bare walls for a few weeks, and then only put up the stuff we love.

We have sold a lot of the stuff we removed from our house, bringing our total for the past months to a total of 23.653 DKK/ 3.680 USD. That is amazing to me; removing clutter from my home and making so much money on selling it! Love it.

In September we used 80% of our income to pay off debt; part of the reason that the number is so high is that we sold one of our cars and used the money to pay debt.

We have bought 3 items in September: Bjørn needed a new winter coat + winter boots, and my airbag bicycle helmet needed to be replaced after 4 years and some malfunctions (seriously, I love this helmet; I crashed with it once and it saved me a broken jaw).

Of our spending in September, “other” covers a lot of medication, as Peter got a severe case of pneumonia and needed several visits to the doctor with new medication each time, and I started my vaccination program for allergies (very expensive, but oh my god, if it works it will be so much worth it!).

Animals covers that Tesla got worms (he is so expensive in vet bills – thank got he have those soft, furry ears to make up for it!), and some chewing bones for the doggoes.

Take out is, as always, a bit high. But I love being able to take the easy way out 🙂

I don’t think we will be able to pay very much on our debt in October, as we are buying 1/4 of a cow and it is fall vacation as well. I hope we do around 60%, we will have to wait and see 🙂

See for yourself how cute Tesla is <3

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