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Creating a smaller wardrobe

This is really a challenge when you love to sew, right? I produce a lot of lovely clothes, that fit me perfectly and in my favourite colors. But I don’t need 15 dresses (especially as I rarely – as in: not every year, wear a dress) or 45 tops.

I have been cleaning out my closet, looking at every item individually and only keeping the clothes I really need. I am actually surprised at how emotional this has been for me – the first few rounds were easy, but it became harder and harder. I was looking at clothes I love, but don’t need, and it was hard to let go. Some of it had a lot of memories, like the summer dress I used a lot the summer my son was born, and clothing that I earlier in my life felt confident and happy wearing. But I can only wear one pair of jeans and 1 top every day, so I really only want to have what I need in my closet.

And the shoes – OMG, even though I have been giving shoes away I still had way too many. Why did I have 4 pair of heels, when I never ever wear heels? And 2 pair of redundant winter boots? And 2 pairs of “nice for work” shoes. Etc.

Well, now I have a total of 76 clothing items, this is with shoes, swimming wear, even leg warmers! The only things I haven’t counted is underwear and socks. If I split it into capsules, I have around 45 items in each capsule (I have some overlapping). I could strictly speaking remove a few more items, but I really don’t want to, and I am OK with that 🙂

In all, I have:

  • 17 tops
  • 9 bottoms
  • 3 dresses
  • 2 shirts
  • 4 sweaters
  • 3 cardigans
  • 8 pair of shoes
  • 10 outerwear
  • 13 accessories (belts, bags etc)
  • 7 pieces of sports wear

I have 58 items out now, 34 if I subtract sports wear and accessories. The rest is summer clothing that I have packed away and wont need until May.

One thing I might do is sew up stuff that match my existing clothing, and that way both improve my wardrobe and SEW 🙂 I must sew!

One thing that had to go was the pretty dress in the picture. It is the first thing I ever made, and I made it with my mothers sister, who was kind enough to teach me the skill to sew. We had so many nice times together sewing, and it was hard to let the dress go. But I never wore it, it was just hanging in the back of my closet for more than 20 years. I now realize that my memories of my aunt is not attached to the dress, but to my heart 🙂

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