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Zadie dress with cap sleeves

OK, so I made another Zadie dress. I am not really a fan of Tillys, as my experience is that the patterns are very poorly drafted. I often love her designs, but think that the patterns should have better quality; often the patterns pieces don’t fit and the finish is not very nice. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when I made my first Zadie dress, and all the pattern pieces fit nicely together. I think that might have skewed my judgement, as I was very happy with the pattern the first time around. But now that I made it again, I have to say that the finish is just.. Well, unprofessional in my opinion. The dress itself looks nice, but I know how the inside looks.. If I were to make it again, I would omit the pockets in the front, to ensure at smoother construction. I do love the look of this dress, but feel the construction is a bit odd, and hard to get nice looking.

I changed the neckline to V-neck, and only the photos after saw that I had to unpick the V-neck and redo it 🙂 I did it a couple of weeks later, and as usual it took very little time, compared to the time I have been agonizing about having to unpick and redo it!

But look at that back – I love those lines in the dress:

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