Finance July 2018

So, another month went by in this year of buying nothing 🙂

In July we saved 64% of our income! I am very pleased with this, as we actually spend a lot of money on our animals in July; Tesla needed more surgery in his paw, and we bought  the run for the chicken coop, as well as the chickens, food for them etc. All the money we save this year we put towards paying our debts, and it is going very well so far 🙂 We figured that the interest rates on our debt is way higher than what we can get if we save the money – maybe we could invest them, but really, we just want to be debt free.

The money we did spend, was used like in the pie chart (“Dyr” means animals and “ferie” means vacation). All in all, we have followed our plan and not bought anything we didn’t plan – eg the chicken run etc.



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