Finance August 2018

So, another month went by in this year of buying nothing 🙂 So much is happening due to this decision. We are really trying to incorporate minimalism in more aspects of our lives now. The past few months we have been selling the stuff we don’t use, all in all, in 2 months we have sold for a whopping 16.535 DKK/ 2.600 USD! Most of the stuff was sold for around 100 DKK/ 15 USD, but it sure added up! The crazy thing is that we don’t have that much stuff – I regularly go through our belongings and donate what we don’t need. But still we had this much! I set the price very low, try to sell the stuff for 1 week, and if it’s not sold in a week, we donate it to our local charity shop.

In August we saved 50% of our income! (Saving for us really means that we pay this amount extra on our debts).

This month we made a purchase (!) – our thermo for tea broke, and I have to say I was pleased with this. It was a fancy-pancy designer thermo, but only 1 liter; and seriously, who drinks 1 liter of tea? So, we bought a cheap, ugly thermo 1,5 liters, and I LOVE it! It is one interesting thing happening this year. My taste is changing – from “pretty” or “cool” to useful. Very interesting. We tossed the old thermo too – before I was prone to keeping the broken stuff too, I have no idea why. This brings us to a total of 7 purchases so far this year of buying nothing.

Of our spending, “other” covers what we spent on repairing the car (again… But my husband loves that old Saab, so it is worth it) and what we spent on a portrait painting course for me (yay thats right! I will be painting a lot more this fall than I have been the last couple of years). The other half was 1/3 spent on food, 1/3 spent on take away food, household and vacation (a bit much on take away food, but worth it when we feel lazy and don’t want to cook). The last third was vet bills again + a bit food for the chicks – Tesla is expensive at the moment in vet bills, but obviously worth it 🙂

So, every month something out of the ordinary occurs that we must spend money on. The dishwasher broke, the car broke down etc. And in my “old life”/ before the shopping ban, I hated that. I wanted to spend my money on fun stuff! Now I just think, oh well, that is what our money are really for. Fixing the car, paying for the vet. Not “shopping”.

Also, I had the first class of portrait painting and spent the 2,5 hours drawing, I cannot remember when was the last time I did that. I just love, love, love to draw and paint.

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