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Lightweight shorts with extra pockets

So, we are still having the craziest summer ever here in Denmark. No, no, seriously, EVER, as in for as long as the weather data have been collected, which is since 1800-something. We have a drought and for months now we have had very high temperatures. My wardrobe is not prepared for this! We have 35 C/95 F at the moment, which is crazy by Danish standards. My summer wardrobe is mostly jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, as a normal Danish summer is very rainy, windy and with temperatures around 20 C/ 68 F if we are lucky. Often it is colder. I do have two pair of shorts, one are not lightweight at all, the other I used while painting the chicken coop, so now I need a lightweight pair with no stains.

I used a very lightweight cotton for these, I bought it for shirts for work, and it works wonderful for shorts. The pattern is I Itch to stitch Tierras and I just shortened the legs. They have elasticated waist, gotta love that! I added an extra pocket on the side of one leg for phone/ money/ keys etc. I love making my own clothing! See how happy I look about that extra pocket?

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