Buying double brushed polyester in Denmark

Well, the title is actually somewhat wrong, as it is not possible to buy DBP in Denmark at all. A while ago I bought 2 yards of DBP from the US, and I have fallen totally in love with this fabric – so, so soft! Bjørn has asked me to make something for him as well. So I started looking at webshops, and soon found out that in the European webshops there was almost exclusively floral DBP (and I don’t think Bjørn wants a t shirt in floral fabric). So I started looking at the US sites, and uuuuuh, found something nice, and Bjørn likes the cactus fabric.

The price for getting it to Denmark, however, is crazy! I bought 18 yards (+ 1 scrap pack). The price is:

  • Fabric: 167 USD/ 1.065 DKK
  • Shipping: 107 USD/ 689 DKK
  • Danish taxes: 40 USD/ 252 DKK
  • Danish handling fee of taxes: 25 USD/ 160 DKK

All in all: 339 USD/ 2.166 DKK

That is just crazy, it is more than twice the original price of the fabric. It corresponds to the price being 19 USD/ 120 DKK pr yard, in stead of the original 9 USD/59 DKK pr yard the store asked. I so wish some Danish retailer would start to carry DBP!

So please let me know in the comments if you know any web shops in Europe that sells DBP 🙂

If you are in the US and like DBP, do check out Knitpop!

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