The RTW fast that grew into a buy-nothing year

So, I have committed to a RTW fast for all 2018, meaning that the ONLY clothing items I am allowed to buy are shoes and underwear/ swimwear. It started very well, I felt inspired to sew a lot of things, and clearing out my wardrobe. I have always lived in tiny spaces, so I am used to clearing out clothes and other stuff, always an eye on what gives me joy and what is just taking up space. But for some reason it seems I can always clear out more at any time. That had me wondering about all the stuff we have, and keep accumulating. Really, the only thing we NEED is food. We have clothes, pots and pans, toys etc. The only thing we really need to buy for probably the next 5 years would be food. I felt overwhelmed with the stuff in our house, and also with the crazy amount of money we spend on “nothing” every month. A latte here, an impulse buy of a nail polish there etc. It all adds up. I discussed it with my SO, who agreed that it brings us absolutely no joy. (We are, by the way, not “keeping up with the Joneses”-kind-of-people, me wearing almost exclusively stuff I make myself, and hubby really not spending any money at all. We have had a defective TV for 2 years now, the car was bought 8 years old, none of us care about “brands”. And still, it just adds up every month).

So, I had a look at my budget from when I was in engineering college, and we agreed that there really is no reason to spend more now, just because we have a higher income. It’s strange, isn’t it, that the spending just creeps up when the income increases. We have a slightly higher budget for food now, as we find it important to buy organic, and we also have a car as we live in the countryside with very poor public transportation. But besides that, we have decided to live like we did when we were young, and to have a buy-nothing-year. As in: Buy nothing besides food, medicine, replacing important stuff if it breaks (like eg the freezer). We have allocated some money for the little one to buy food on the go etc if necessary, but not much. We have also allowed ourself monthly allowances, as my husband loves to “play” with his cars, and I obviously love to sew and knit. We want to remove the mindless spending, not the joy from our lives 🙂

It is CRAZY to look at the new budget! Really, we could easily live on one income. (That makes me dream of early retirement!).

The plan for this year is:

  • Pay of car loan (DONE! 2 years prior to the plan!)
  • Pay of family debt (should be done by end of 2018)

For the next few years:

  • 2019-20: Pay of bank loan on the house
  • 20- ? Pay large chunks of mortgage

Another interesting thing is the awareness I have now – I now see that I browse webshops when I am bored or sad, buying stuff I suddenly “need”. It is difficult to change habits, but already it feels much easier.

This has also sparked an awareness on my “spending” on the internet. I have been spending way too much time on Facebook, mindlessly scrolling. And also, being tempted to buy fabric and patterns I would not else have bought. So stupid! As I love the community in my sewing groups on Facebook, it is just not healthy for me. So for now, I have stopped logging on to Facebook cold turkey. I hope that in a few weeks I might be able to log on maybe once a week for 30 minutes to see the beautiful creations people make <3

Do I sound like a monk?? Haha! I feel free actually, and have been spending my time with my family and doggoes, being much more present.

On a different note: I have started my next knitting project as I LOVE the Nancy I made, but it is way too warm for now. So now I have started in a very nice wool/cotton blend, it is so soft, and I am hoping this will be nice for summer (but probably not done until the fall).



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