Nancy sweater

Finally I finished my knitting project! I fell in love with this sweater, and knitted the whole thing (I am NOT experienced so this was a huge task). When I was all done, I found out that I had the tension all wrong, so it was huge in a very bad way. Argh! But I needed this in my wardrobe, so I started all over again (I feel like I deserve a medal for this hahaa!).

This time I got the tension perfect, and I love this! It is in 100% wool, which sadly is perfect in Denmark right now as it is sooo cold – I am wearing it right now. And in the grey, forever lasting winters here it will be very nice with this bright and happy sweater!

I have to say, as a sewist, knitting is crazy. So much time spend, only to find out that I could have added 2 cm in width in the bottom or something – crazy! My temperament is definetly more a sewist, where it is so easy to take in after etc.

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