Capsule wardrobe-ish

I was inspired by a great FB group I’m in (Capsule Wardrobe sew along), where someone linked to this. Very inspiring!
So yesterday I made a spreadsheet with all my clothes. If I don’t count shoes and underwear/ swimwear/ stockings etc, I have 147 items (!), even though I have been donating like crazy the past couple of years.
Today I tried EVERYTHING on, and for the first time I divided in 3 categories, adding “attic” (usually I just have 2 categories, keep and donate), as I really found it hard to remove items this time. Usually it is easy for me, I think it is because now I am down to stuff where I actually love every single item. So I may have 10 of the same item, and really only need two, but if all of them fit nicely, have a nice color and are homemade I find it difficult to part with them. Hence, the attic. AND even putting them in the attic I found difficult! Crazy.
And some more crazy stuff: I live in a cold and rainy place (Denmark), and had 14 (!) sundresses 😂 That is just insane! And really, I’m not even a dress kind of girl 😂 But I enjoy sewing them very much (maybe inside me I have a southern girl wanting to come out; I definitely DREAM of living somewhere where I would need 14 sundresses :p ). I really only need 1 wowen summer dress, 1 jersey summer dress and 1 fancy dress. But I just don’t know how to reduce so much..
Also, I had 15 sweaters (which makes more sense in my climate, but seriously, I will only wear my favourite 2 or 3). Another crazy category is jumpsuits, I had 8 – and I am keeping them all even though I rarely wear them, as I loooove jumpsuits for some reason.
61% of my wardrobe is homemade (wuhu! It is the sweaters and cardigans + the jumpsuits mostly that are RTW), and I got the total number of items down to 95; I think that is pretty good, as this includes all seasons and we have 3 very different where I live (summer, winter and spring/fall). BUT I know I should remove at least 7 more dresses, 6 sweaters and 6 cardigans. But it is so hard!
Here are my 3 dresses from the same pattern; blue, brown and red. They all fit well, I like the color of them all. How to part with any of them (and shoes, shoes, shoes in the bottom)??
I think this is a problem when my hobby is sewing; I don’t enjoy sewing for others (besides the kiddos), but I don’t want to have too much stuff in my home. I am really motivated my making thing to myself. And the stuff I sew for myself I find so hard to donate. I might try to sell some of it on a flea market or something this summer.
Next up is shoes, going through them.. OMG I have so many, and don’t find it easy to part with them.
This is my 8 jumpsuits and my winter sweaters (and some of my shoes).


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