Capsule-wardrobe-ish vol. 2

So, I have been cleaning out my closet, my kitchen, everything, getting rid of stuff I don’t need. I find it liberating not to have all this excess stuff. But also some times difficult, as my trouble removing dresses from my closet; I had 15 dresses, and really only need 3: One in jersey, 1 in woven and 1 fancy. I really struggled as all my dresses are homemade and fit perfectly.

But then I had an epiphany: If I can only have 1 woven dress, then it definitely should have pockets! And well, only one jersey dress? Pockets! And then it was not hard to get rid of all the dresses anyway. I find this interesting: If I can have all the dresses I want, I choose to have 15 dresses, only 2 with pockets. If I can have only 1, it MUST be with pockets. When I only have a few slots per clothing category, it becomes very important that the clothing I own is good in all aspects; great fit, color I like, functions well.

So now I have found my way forward:

  • For each clothing category I will try to pinpoint what the most important thing is for me.  Like pockets, color etc.
  • I will try to replace my RTW items with handmade items. This means I have to learn how to knit much better than I do now! But I would like a 100% homemade wardrobe.

I have read this book by Cait Flanders, and I must say it is very inspiring! I have thought about what I need of clothing in the climate I live in, with the life I lead, and it comes down to this list:

Shorts 1 nice for work
1 very short for tanning
1 knee lenght for hiking/ travelling
Pants 3 jeans (black, light blue, navy)
1 soft home pants, winter
1 soft home pants, Summer
1 leggins
1 thin summer pants
Work, chinos/?
T-shirts 10. 5 of thoes not slim.
Short sleeved T-shirts 10. 5 of thoes not slim. 1 tanktop.
Cardigans 1 Warm (Nancy)
1 summer, knitted
1 summer, fabric
Sweaters 1 very warm
2 medium warm
1 summer
Shirts 2 work
2 summer
1 lightweight summer to shield sun
1 work short sleeves, white
Dresses 1 fancy, pockets
1 summer jersey, pockets
1 summer woven, pockets
Hoodies 1 Winter
1 Summer
Maybe 1 job
Jumpsuits Love them. Will never part with them. All 8 of them.
Outerwear Raincoat (rains)
Warm Wintercoat (funf)
Warm snowsuit (HM)
Medium Snowsuit
Medium warm, rainproof coat  – nice pockets
Summer coat, rainproof – nice pockets
Nice jacket, cottoncoat
Rain pants
Shoes Warm winter boots
Medium winterboots
Summer shoes/ sneakers (possible 3-4 pairs as I <3)
Nice leather shoes
Hiking sandals
Nice sandals
Rain boots
Dog hiking sneakers
Summer: Garden
Winter: Garden
Swimwear Bathing suit
Bikini, 2
Underwear Bras: 5 + workout
Panties: 10+3
Socks: 10
Knitted socks: 3
Sleep: 2

This adds up to 106 items, all in all. I only need to reduce my wardrobe by 19 items to get to this; is it hard enough as I have already removed the items I don’t love, but I am confident I will get there in the next couple of days 🙂 (The shirt, Granville, I am wearing in the photo is one of the items that did not make the cut. I just don’t love it enough).

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