The RTW fast that grew into a buy-nothing year

So, I have committed to a RTW fast for all 2018, meaning that the ONLY clothing items I am allowed to buy are shoes and underwear/ swimwear. It started very well, I felt inspired to sew a lot of things, and clearing out my wardrobe. I have always lived in tiny spaces, so I am …

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Capsule-wardrobe-ish vol. 2

So, I have been cleaning out my closet, my kitchen, everything, getting rid of stuff I don’t need. I find it liberating not to have all this excess stuff. But also some times difficult, as my trouble removing dresses from my closet; I had 15 dresses, and really only need 3: One in jersey, 1 …

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Capsule wardrobe-ish

I was inspired by a great FB group I’m in (Capsule Wardrobe sew along), where someone linked to this. Very inspiring! So yesterday I made a spreadsheet with all my clothes. If I don’t count shoes and underwear/ swimwear/ stockings etc, I have 147 items (!), even though I have been donating like crazy the …

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Nancy sweater

Finally I finished my knitting project! I fell in love with this sweater, and knitted the whole thing (I am NOT experienced so this was a huge task). When I was all done, I found out that I had the tension all wrong, so it was huge in a very bad way. Argh! But I …

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