Union St tee

OK, so I have been driving myself bonkers with the pants fitting, so I needed to do a stretch fabric project! I have made the Union St tee before, but had cut it waaaayyy too big. This time I used a size S at top, grading to between S and M at the hips. Judging from the photos I could have gone XS at top, using the FBA piece and grading to S at the hips. I can see the front being a bit shorter than the back due to my bust, and I have a bit extra room in the front. But you know what? This will do. It will be nice to have a t-shirt that is not too tight for work etc. I can definitely see this one in leopard, stripes etc. Also, I will have to practice the V neck – I used another version than the one with the pattern, as I find the band to broad and the v-neck type a bit to serious for me :p

Unfortunately it will be a while before I can use it, as it just keeps on snowing in Denmark. I just really need a bit of spring now..



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