Knitting: Nancy Cardigan

OK, I am NOT an experienced knitter, but I wanted a sweater and are on a RTW fast (not buying clothes AT ALL in 2018), so I tried. OMG that is crazy! Compared to sewing it is a marathon, and every little change I wanted to make resulted in hours of unpiking knitting. I knitted the body + halfe a sleeve before I discovered that my tension was way of. So, I had to unpick the whole thing and start again! Then, I forgot to mark the pattern, so I had to unpick more than 800 stitched. I gave up, finished the thing with stripes and cut my losses – I knew that if I unpicked again, this would end up in the knitting-basket-of-unfinished-projects. BUT I learned a ton!!!
I knitted Nancy and used Peer Gynt wool yarn. I knitted in size Small, and added 4 cm in length – I don’t think I had to do this.
1) I am a loose knitter and need to go down a needle size. Even though I unpicked the whole thing and started again, knitting must firmer, it is still WAY too big.
2) I dared knitting in the round and cutting! (Steeking I believe is the English term). I did it! No unravelling happened, wupwup!
3) I need to buy a lot of pattern markers for the knitting. So I know where I am in the pattern during the knitting.
4) I must buy yarn that are 50/50 with wool, as this one is extremely warm and I probably will not wear it much.
5) I prefer raglan to round in the shoulders. It seems bulgy.
6) I am more of a sewing-kind-of-person than knitting-kind-of-person. I enjoy how easily sewing can be altered to fit me, and that the time is not wasted if a garment turns out too big.
But I love the colors, and will re-knit this 🙂 I might try to boil this to see if it shrinks so I can use it.



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