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Knitting needle roll

I have been annoyed with the chaos of my knitting needles, and wanted to make one of these rolls. I had one my great grandmother made until recently, when it finally gave up, and since then my needles have been living in a drawer. Chaos!

I measured the needles and the finally used this panther fabric – it has been in my stash for years, and for several years it was on my wall as I LOVE it! This was an easy, fun project, I think it took an hour from start to end.

I only have double point needles (for sleeves) and my very beloved Hiya Hiya sharp interchangeable needles for everything else, so I didn’t need to much space. I kept my large needle sizes for Hiya Hiya in the original sleeve they came in, as I rarely use them anymore.

So before I roll it I fold the top down to avoid any escaping needles 🙂

It takes up very little space when rolled:


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