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Uvita top – free pattern!

So, I made the Uvita! And I really want to love it, as I have a similar RTW top that I really love, and I would like to make my own  

I made size 4 bust/ waist and size 10 hips. I added 4 cm/ 1.6″ in leght in sleeves and body. The pattern is very well drafted, as always when it is itch to stitch, and with clear instructions with drawings. I used a nice, heavy weight very stretchy jersey.

The fit on the hip is fine I think, but I am confused about the fit at the bust – it seems to be both too tight and too big! Lots of fabric above the bust are pooling out, but at the bust it is just a bit tight, and high back is tight too. Strange folds are appearing. I think this could be because it is too tight at the bust, so the fabric cannot move freely, but I’m not sure.

So, I’m thinking about cutting the next in size 6 bust/ waist and size 10 hip. Making shoulder adjustment for flat shoulders (is that even a thing :p ) to make the neckline lie flat, and a swayback adjustment to reduce the fabric bulk in the lower back.




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