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Brasov top from itch to stitch

So, I made my first Brasov! I made this in a deep blue, very beautifull velvet with nice drape. It turned out very well! I love the neckline that covers up nicely, as well as warm the back of the neck. Great detail. I think it looks very classy, while actually being very warm and cozy to wear – total win!

I found the pattern a bit intimidating before starting, and actually cut the pieces a while ago, but couldn’t find the courage to actually make it. The pieces looked so confusing, with a tons of markings, and a very different shape from a regular t-shirt. But, as always, the instructions was very well written, with drawings and great explanations. Seriously, ITS has ruined other pattern companies for me, I am now accustomed to excellent instructions and very well drafted patterns. Love!

I didn’t write down what sizes I blended, so stupid! I think it was size 6 for bust&waist, and size 10 for hips. It is a big too big in the bust, as the inner front piece bulges and folds strangely. Also, I think it is a bit too tight in the waist, it feels fine but the button from the jeans are showing through.

So – this is one of the reasons I don’t love PDF patterns; I have to re-print now to get the other sizes. In stead, I have decided to have the Brasov pattern printed from Patternsy in January, as I will have a bunch of patterns printed anyway. (Then I have to wait with making the other Brasovs – but really, it might be a good thing, as I need to sew more of the practical stuff in stead of always the fun stuff  ).

It was very difficult to take pictures of it because of the deep blue color, it came out a black blotch of most photos, so I had to lure my hubby to help take them outside : ) The jeans are Lianas.



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