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Liana stretch jeans – back pocket placement

Yup, those are the exact same jeans on the pictures, only the placement of the pockets are different!

I decided to take the back pockets off my last pair of Lianas and place them more flattering (I REALLY didn’t want to do it, but honestly it didn’t take more than 5 minutes removing them, and then maybe 30 minutes testing placement and re-attatching them). Since I was going to make this extra work anyway, I also added lightening bolts to the pockets 🙂

And I am SO happy that I changed the placement! When I showed my husband this picture, he said “Well, you just accomplished the same as if you had gone to the gym for 3 m months” :p And he is right I think (and so much more fun to sew than going to the gym, right). It amazes me that pocket placement affects so much how my butt looks! On my next pair I might change the angle ever so slightly, so the outside corners of the pockets are a bit higher. But then, again, maybe I won’t, this is definitely OK, and it is so much easier to attach the pockets in the beginning of the sewing proces before everything is assembled.

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