Stretch jeans, Liana from itch to stitch

I have made 2 pair of itch-to-stitch Liana stretch jeans, that is a very, very nice pattern. I had very good fit right from the first version which was a straight size 8. I absolutely love them, they are by far the best fitting pair of jeans I have ever owned  Also: AMAZING sew along!!! The fly on the second pair is now perfect.

I used stretch denim with only 3% spandex, which is not quite enough to get the 20% stretch the pattern calls for. For my next pair I will use denim with 4% spandex. (I used this fabric).

My main concern is the waistband, where the pattern calls for twill tape. I am not happy that it is so un-stretcy; I love stretch jeans because of the comfort, so I will try to find a middle way, so the waist won’t stretch out, but still be a bit flexible. Maybe stretch-fusing-tape or elastic in the back half of the waist band?

My alterations so far:

– Added 8 cm/3″ in legs length
– 2 cm low butt adjustment

– I didn’t have twill tape for the waistband, so I just cut 1 cm wide from thin women cotton fabric
– Made the back pockets a bit smaller and placed them 1,5 cm higher/ 0.6″
– Didn’t make the facing at the pockets, as I want stretch in that area
– Swayback adjustment, 2 cm/0.8″
– Uni-butt adjustment CB, 1 cm/0.4″

My next pair will be in denim with the required amount of stretch, so I expect them to be even comfier  Also, for my next pair I will use 1 cm seam allowance (in stead of the 1,25 cm the pattern calls for) everywhere to get just a tad more wiggle room in the jeans. I think about using shoulder band for stabilizing the waistband, as it is sa bit flexible and still firm.



Jeg har syet to par stretch jeans mere, denne gang med lynlås i stedet for elastik i livet. Stoffet er mørk grøn stretch denim fra Rijs textiles børnesortiment. ER KÆMPE fan af Rijs, leveringen er ubegribelig hurtig, og de har stort udvalg og lave priser. Love!

Jeg har klippet size 8, og lavet følgende ændringer i forhold til mønsteret:

  • Lagt 8 cm til i forlængelinjen ved låret
  • Lavet 2 cm low butt adjustment
  • Har lavet baglommerne mindre
  • Ikke lavet lommerne hele vejen over maven, da jeg ikke vil have fast stof her; jeg elsker jo netop stretch jeans fordi de giver sig 😀
  • Lavet swayback adjustment på 2 cm MB I yoken
  • Lavet anti-uni-butt adjustment MB, ca 1 cm
  • Placeret baglommerne ca 1,5 cm højere oppe








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